• Center for Multicultural Studies and Comparative Literature

    The objective of the Center for Multicultural Studies and Comparative Literature is to study the richness and diversity of world literature and culture by conducting research across border, discipline and culture, and to share the fruits of civilization by promoting cultural exchanges.

  • Institute of Corpora and Intercultural Studies

    Institute of Corpora and Intercultural Studies (ICIS), founded in September 2014 in SFL, is an academic institute focusing on the trends in linguistics and translation studies. Supported by the research resources of the School, the Institute actively promotes interdisciplinary research to better serve the School, the academic community, and the society.

  • Center for Creative Writing, Literary Translation and Culture

    Center for Creative Writing and Literary Translation and Culture of SFL was established in June 2016. Professor Jonathan Locke Hart, chair professor of SJTU and member of the Royal Society of Canada, is the Director of the Center. 

  • Shanghai Jiao Tong University Research Center for the Global Image of China

    Supported by the School’s corpus translation studies and corpus linguistics studies, the Center collaborates with Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Institute of Arts and Humanities, School of Media and Communication at SJTU to conduct interdisciplinary studies of China’s global images.

  • Wang Kefei Center for Language Studies

    The Center serves as a top-notch academic platform in SFL for the world’s top talents, and conducts translation and language research with a focus on translation and language contact, language variation and change, foreign language education strategies, and the internationalization of Chinese language under the “Belt and Road Initiative” and “Global Governance” strategies.

  • Baker Center for Translation and Intercultural Studies

    With the assistance of an international advisory board consisting of renowned scholars with a diverse range of expertise and interests, the Center engages in a number of initiatives aimed at enhancing dialogues between Chinese and international scholars of translation and creating an open, welcoming space for all scholars.

  • Australian Studies Center

    Following the call of the national strategies and the need of the society, the SJTU Australian Studies Center is established in the international metropolis of Shanghai as an academic institute for the study of Australian politics, economics, society, education and humanities, etc.

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