• Contemporary Foreign Language Studies

     Contemporary Foreign Language Studies mainly focuses on the study of the theory and practice of second language acquisition (such as their behavioral and cognitive processes and the social and cultural approaches), bilingualism, theory and practice of foreign language education, language testing, corpus linguistics, language policy and planning. It also attaches importance to the studies on theory and practice of Chinese as a second language.

  • Frontiers of Narrative Studies

    The journal mainly includes original articles on narrative studies, focusing on interdisciplinary and cross-media narrative research, reviewing a selection of current literature research, as well as reflecting on the basic theory and core concepts of narratology. Some of the research topics published until now which have exerted great influence include “Narrative and Narcissism”, “Experimental Literature and Narrative Theory”, “Unnatural Narratives: Theories and Practices”, as well as “Sacrificial Narratives” (to be published soon).

  • Journal of Second Language Studies

    Journal of Second Language Studies (JSLS) (ISSN 2542-3835 E-ISSN 2542-3843) is an international refereed journal, published since 2016 by John Benjamins, a world-famous publishing house focused on Humanities and Social sciences.  It is dedicated to promoting scholarly exchanges, advancing theoretical knowledge, as well as exploring pedagogical implications in second language acquisition and teaching.

  • Comparative Literature and Transcultural Studies

    Comparative Literature and Transcultural Studies is a biannual journal of the Institute of Comparative Literature and Transcultural Studies of the Chinese Foreign Literature Society issued in June and December by Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press. Comparative Literature and Transcultural Studies includes “Thoughts of famous masters”, “Chinese and Foreign Academic Frontiers”, “Chinese and Foreign Comparative Literature”, “Translation and Transcultural Studies”, “Innovative Talent Cultivation”, “Regional and National Culture Studies”, “Research of overseas influence of Chinese Culture” and “Interdisciplinary Thematic Research”.

  • Corpora & Intercultural Studies

    Corpora & Intercultural Studies is a journal sponsored by the Chinese Corpus and Intercultural Research Forum. It adheres to the concept of inclusiveness and strongly advocates for the intersection of corpus and other disciplines.

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