Frontiers of Narrative Studies

Frontiers of Narrative Studies (ISSN 2509-4882; E-ISSN 2509-4890), founded in 2017, is a semi-annual journal issued in June and December. It is published by De Gruyter, a world-renowned Publishing House, with Shang Biwu, a professor in the School of Foreign Languages of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, as its editor-in-chief. The journal mainly includes original articles on narrative studies, focusing on interdisciplinary and cross-media narrative research, reviewing a selection of current literature research, as well as reflecting on the basic theory and core concepts of narratology. Some of the research topics published until now which have exerted great influence include “Narrative and Narcissism”, “Experimental Literature and Narrative Theory”, “Unnatural Narratives: Theories and Practices”, as well as “Sacrificial Narratives” (to be published soon). Topics to be published include “Geographical Narratology”, “Sameness and Difference in Narrative Theory” among others. 

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