2017 (2nd) International Summer School on Cross-Culture Studies

(School of Foreign Languages, SJTU)



I. Overview

2017 International Summer School on Cross-culture Studies is the first of its kind offered by School of Foreign Languages, SJTU. To help foreign students learn more about contemporary China and its culture, School of Foreign Languages of SJTU, by leveraging its academic and cultural resources, plans to invite foreign scholars from Australia, Germany, Britain and Japan to join hands with Chinese professors in addressing a broad spectrum of culture-related topics in the Summer School. A total of 20 overseas students will be admitted to an eleven-day summer program on cross-culture studies in Shanghai in August and September, 2017. The program will be conducted in English, so no prior knowledge in Chinese is required. The Summer School is expected to expose participants to exciting and challenging opportunities, broadening their horizons and enriching their experiences in different environments and cultures. As a result, students in the program will hone their skills to navigate across linguistic and cultural barriers.


 II. Date and Venue

Date: From 31 August to 10 September, 2017

Venue: School of Foreign Languages, Shanghai Museum, the city of Hangzhou, etc.


III. Lectures and Field Trips

Teaching activities of the Summer School are to be conducted in three parts in the form of lectures, seminars, workshops and field trips.

1. Lecture on Chinese culture: Topics range from Chinese language, Chinese philosophy to Chinese arts, etc. Field trips in connections to these topics will be arranged.

2. Lectures and field trips on local culture of Shanghai.

3. Forums and group discussions.


 IV. Eligibility

Postgraduate students, Ph.D. students and senior undergraduate students interested in Chinese culture are welcome to participate in this program. Applicants should be non-Chinese citizens and should have passed IELTS with a score no less than 6 or TOFEL no less than 90. (If an applicant has completed entire high school and has earned an undergraduate degree in an English speaking country, he is eligible for a waiver of the TOEFL/IELTS exams.)


V. Fees

No tuition fee is charged and accommodation is to be arranged by the School, but round-trip tickets and accommodation are to be borne by the students.





VII. Contact and Application





The Schedule for 2017 International Graduate Summer School

31 August, 2017- 10 September, 2017



Lectures and Activities



31 Aug, 2017

Lecture Series on Chinese Culture



1 Sept,


Field Trips to Local Companies (1)



 2 Sept, 2017

Lecture: Chinese Art



3 Sept,


Lecture: Chinese Culture and Contemporary China

Afternoon: Visiting Shanghai Museum



4 Sept,


Visit to Hangzhou(one-night stay)



5 Sept,


Visit to Hangzhou(one-night stay)



6 Sept,


LectureChinese Philosophy: Overview

Afternoon: Activity designed by teacher



7 Sept,


Field Trips to Local Companies (2)



8 Sept,


Lecture: City Culture of Shanghai



9 Sept,


One-day tour around Shanghai



10 Sept, 2017

Reports and Closing Ceremony; dinner



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