Institute of Corpora and Intercultural Studies

Institute of Corpora and Intercultural Studies (ICIS), founded in September 2014 in SFL, is an academic institute focusing on the trends in linguistics and translation studies. Supported by the research resources of the School, the Institute actively promotes interdisciplinary research to better serve the School, the academic community, and the society. Based on corpus studies, the Institute does theoretical, quantitative and empirical research, hosts a number of annual forums, summer courses, workshops, and seminars, and has organized the series of Corpora and Intercultural Studies published by Springer.


ICIS is currently staffed by 19 members, including 14 core members and 5 part-time researchers. There are 2 tenured professors, 5 professors, 1 tenured associate professor, 5 associate professors, and 6 lecturers. 1 member is selected as the “New Century Excellent Talents in University” of Ministry of Education, 1 selected as “Shanghai Chenguang Scholar”, 2 chosen as “Shanghai Pujiang Talents”, and two awarded as “Shanghai Outstanding People in Foreign Languages”. Institute members have distinguished themselves in academic research in the fields of theoretical linguistics, applied linguistics, functional linguistics, second language acquisition and processing, phonetics, computational linguistics, corpus linguistics, corpus translation, sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, German linguistics, Japanese linguistics, French linguistics, foreign language teaching, Chinese image research, etc.


Up to now, ICIS has undertaken 1 National Social Science Fund Major Project, 9 National Social Science Fund General Projects and Youth Projects, 1 National Social Science Fund Major Project Subproject, and 9 provincial and ministerial level projects. Since 2010, institute members have published more than 100 papers in SSCI, SCI, AHCI, EI, and CSSCI journals, and have wrote, translated and compiled 39 publications. Institute of Corpora and Intercultural Studies has won twice the Third Award of University Research Achievement of Ministry of Education and many other research and teaching achievement awards. The academic achievements of institute members are widely cited by renowned peers at home and abroad.

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