Center for Creative Writing, Literary Translation and Culture

Center for Creative Writing and Literary Translation and Culture of SFL was established in June 2016. Professor Jonathan Locke Hart, chair professor of SJTU and member of the Royal Society of Canada, is the Director of the Center. The Center aims to create a free and welcoming space for school students and teachers to do practice and research through regularly held workshops. So far, the Center has successfully organized several unique workshops for teachers and students to interact and air their views. Many famous writers and scholars such as American Chinese poet Chen Meiling, UCLA professor King-Kok Cheung, and Director of the Institute of World Literature at Peking University Zhao Baisheng have been invited to discuss the frontier issues of literature, writing and translation with our teachers and students.


In the future, the Center will run more workshops and encourages more teachers and students to participate. In addition, members of the Center are dedicated to comparative literature and translation studies. They have published papers in important international journals and have edited special issues for international journals such as Canadian Review of Comparative Literature and University of Toronto Quarterly. The Center has 1 chair professor, 5 adjunct professors, 1 associate professor, and 1 postdoctoral researcher. 1 member is selected in the “Shanghai Thousand Talents Program”.

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