Wang Kefei Center for Language Studies

Wang Kefei Center for Language Studies (WKFCLS) was established on June 12, 2017. The Center serves as a top-notch academic platform in SFL for the world’s top talents, and conducts translation and language research with a focus on translation and language contact, language variation and change, foreign language education strategies, and the internationalization of Chinese language under the “Belt and Road Initiative” and “Global Governance” strategies. As an important platform for international research and cooperation, talent incubation and resource sharing, WKFCLS serves the School’s goal of “Becoming a World-famous School with World-class Disciplines”.


Following the calls of national language strategies, WKFCLS explores the interaction between translation activities and linguistic variability and change, and analyzes how translation induces and promotes synchronic variation and diachronic changes in Chinese through indirect language contact. Supported by the School’s research resources, WKFCLS looks into frontier issues in translation and language contact by conducting corpus-driven empirical research across disciplines and dimensions. In the future, WKFCLS will carry out comparative studies of foreign language education policy and planning, and interactive research of foreign language education and national cultural transmission, economic development, international status, military security and national quality by building on the strengths of the School’s applied linguistics.


Chief Expert: Professor Wang Kefei

Experts: Professor Hu Kaibao, Professor Qin Hongwu

Members: Professor Zhu Yifan, Dr. Li Xin, Dr. Pang Shuangzi, other doctoral and postdoctoral researchers.

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