SFL Celebrates the New Year with Gatherings


On February 5, 2024, the School of Foreign Languages and the School of Environmental Science and Engineering of Shanghai Jiao Tong University jointly held 2024 Spring Festival Gathering for teachers and students staying on campus at the Faculty Club of the School of Foreign Languages. Mr. Zhang Ansheng, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President of Shanghai Jiao Tong Universitiy, attended and delivered a speech. More than 30 teachers and students of the School of Foreign Languages and the School of Environmental Sciences and Engineering gathered together to exchange New Year's greetings, recalled the good old days and chatted about the vision of development. The event was hosted by Lu Yangfan, a Grade 2023 undergraduate student from the School of Foreign Languages.

On behalf of SJTU, Mr. Zhang Ansheng sent his best wishes to the students who stayed on campus during the Spring Festival. He said that Shanghai Jiao Tong University, a big family of students, cared about every student staying on campus due to various reasons such as long distance, academic programs, scientific research tasks, and will do a good job in safeguarding their wellbeing in all aspects. The students were expected to keep a sunny, cheerful and positive mindset to welcome the upcoming Spring Festival. They were also expected to cherish this period of time to make full use of the library, laboratory and other resources to read more and learn more. Finally, students were expected to maintain good health and fitness, pay attention to the dormitory electricity and fire safety. Zhang Ansheng wished them all a peaceful and warm Spring Festival holiday, sending them red scarves and gift bags.


Ding Jian, Party Secretary of SFL; Tao Qing, Vice Dean of SFL; Ren Zhujing, Deputy Party Secretary of SFL, and Yu Aitao, Director of the Student Affairs Office of the School of Environmental Science and Engineering, also sent festive blessings and good wishes to all of the students, hoping that they would arrange the time of staying-on-campus reasonably, contact with their families more often, and communicate about the situation on campus in time to make their families feel at ease.


Together teachers and students made dumplings, wrote couplets and lucky words. The atmosphere was warm and peaceful, and the unique charm of traditional Chinese culture and the warmth of traditional Chinese festivity was fully felt.


With vigor and ease, teachers and students swung the writing brush to put down some Chinese New Year blessings on the red paper. 



The event was also marked by singing and games.  Jiang Wenhui and Cao Xinyi, two postgraduates from the School of Foreign Languages, sang a duet of "Love each Other". Lu Chunyu, a doctoral student from the School of Environmental Science and Engineering, presented the solo "Half Moon Serenade". Three international students from the School of Foreign Languages recited poetry and sang "Happy New Year". Games such as  "One Yuan and Fifty Cents" and charade helped build up a happy and festive atmosphere. 

Leaders and teachers present drew lucky prizes for the students.

Yang Xiaohong, the Executive Chairman of the Trade Union of SFL; Su Liuliu, director of the Student Affairs Office of SFL, and Wang Xing from the Administrative Office also attended the celebration.

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