SFL 2023 Sakura Science and Technology Program Pre-trip Briefing Held


At noon on December 1, the online communication meeting and the pre-departure briefing of Sakura Science and Technology Program 2023 were held in the meeting room 316 of Yang Yongman Building. The meeting focused on the in-depth discussion of pre-departure matters of the delegation of "Sino-Japanese Youth Science and Technology and Cultural Exchange Program (referred to as Sakura Science and Technology Program)" . Ding Jian, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Foreign Languages; Zhang Xin, Secretary of Foreign Affairs of the School of Foreign languages, and students participating in the program attended the meeting.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Ding Jian, as the leader of the delegation, briefly introduced the main agenda and purpose of this exchange meeting. He emphasized that the "Sakura science and technology program" was aimed to promote Sino-Japanese youth science and technology cultural exchanges and cooperation, and deepen the communication and understanding between the youth of the two countries. Through this meeting, he hoped that each member of the group could further clarify the matters before the trip to ensure its smooth progress. At the meeting, nine students from five colleges of the university who participated in the trip enhanced their understanding of each other, and carried out a series of preparations under the guidance of teachers, such as division of responsibilities, allocation of materials for study, and preparation of plans .

Afterwards, the meeting entered the online communication session between the Chinese and Japanese sides. Ms. Tanaka, the project leader of Fukuoka Asian Urban Research Institute (FARI), and Ms. Higuchi and Mr. Tang Yin, members of the project team, introduced the specific arrangements of the delegation, hoping that the members of the delegation could learn about Japanese science and technology culture and achieve the purpose of exchange, and at the same time, enhance the friendship and understanding between the youth of China and Japan. During the exchange, the two sides had an in-depth discussion and interaction on issues of common concern in science and technology culture. Both sides expressed that they would make joint efforts to actively promote the implementation of "Sakura Science and Technology Program" and build an important bridge for the friendship and understanding between Chinese and Japanese youth.

The online exchange meeting and pre-departure briefing laid a foundation for the smooth progress of the Sakura Science and Technology Program, and also inspired students to uphold the spirit of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, exemplify it in their actions, and adhere to the spirit of "Aiming high while keeping one's feet on the ground", and show the world the spirit of Shanghai Jiao Tong University students in the new era.


recruitment interview of Sakura Program


In order to build a platform for promoting students' international competence, the preparing for the "Sakura Program" visiting delegation began in July at the School of Foreign Languages. Nearly 200 students applied enthusiastically, and finally 9 students were selected to go to Japan for a week-long free exchange and study.

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