Good news! 6 SFL Course Projects Approved


Recently, Shanghai Jiao Tong University announced the results of a number of curriculum evaluation projects. 3 courses of the School of Foreign Languages were approved as 2023 undergraduate curriculum Ideological and political demonstration courses, and 2 courses were approved as 2023-2024 university-level online and offline mixed courses, and 1 course was approved as 2023 university-level key courses.

The SFL attaches great importance to curriculum construction, and encourages teachers to carry out curriculum reform, assists teachers in applying for curriculum projects, takes multiple measures at the same time, promotes the deep integration of information technology and teaching process, and strives to improve the effectiveness of classroom teaching. 

Basic German (1), with Fan Likun as the course leader, is a comprehensive language course for first-year undergraduates majoring in German. The course combines the teaching of German pronunciation, basic vocabulary, basic grammar, sentence structure, situational conversation, German national conditions and social culture with the training of comprehensive German language ability (including listening, speaking, reading, writing and translation) to cultivate students' German language communication ability.


Japanese Audio-Visual-Oral 1-3, with Wang Lin as the course leader, is a compulsory basic course for Japanese majors at the basic stage, and aims to develop students' ability to understand audio and video oral Japanese and related expression skills.


Japanese Intensive Reading 4, with Yu Yang as the course leader, is a compulsory basic course for the Japanese minors. The course remains committed to SJTU's talent training goal, that is, to inherit civilization, seek truth, revitalize China and benefit mankind. Featuring "major + double foreign Languages", this couse aims to provide language learning's added value to students' professional learning, with the ultimate goal of traning students to become versatile talents with broad international vision, firm responsibility, and excellent service for the national strategic needs. 
Course platform: SPOC&Canvas


 Speech Pathology, with Ding Hongwei as the course leader, is a compulsory course for SFL undergraduates. The course aims to acquaint students with the basic knowledge of speech, language, listening, etc., and understand the related communication science and communication obstacles.


European Culture in English and French Vocabulary, with Cao Hui as the course leader, is a key general-knowledge course open to all SJTU students. It has won such award as "Shanghai First-class Online course" and "Shanghai Key Course". (2021).
Course platform: Chinese university MOOCs
Course link:


German and Chinese Translation (Interpretation), with Xue Yuan as the course leader, aims to improve the comprehensive language ability of German majors and amateur German learners, deepen their understanding of German and German society and current politics, strengthen cross-cultural thinking and communication skills, and develop students' ability to tell Chinese stories well in foreign languages.

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