2 SFL Teachers Win 2023 SJTU Teaching and Education Award


Shanghai Jiao Tong University recently announced its 2023 Teaching and Education Award, honoring outstanding teachers.  2 teachers from the School of Foreign Languages won 2023 SJTU Teaching and Education Award, with Du Yan winning the second place award, Huan Changpeng winning the third place award. 

The Teaching and Education Award is the highest university-level honor for talent cultivation in Shanghai Jiao Tong University. 2023 award mainly honors excellent teachers who have made outstanding contributions to the university’s work of “building morals, imparting knowledge, and cultivating talents”, who have played an exemplary and leading role in promoting “value-added education”. The award recognizes the value orientation that talent training is the fundamental task, and teaching is the teachers' number one mission and responsibility, and talent training involves every one and occurs in every process and every direction.


Du Yan, the second prize winner of 2023 Shanghai Jiao Tong University Teaching and Educating Award, is an associate Professor from the Department of French and Russian and the Deputy Director of Faculty Development Center of the School of Foreign Languages. 


Huan Changpeng, the third Prize winner of 2023 Shanghai Jiao Tong University Teaching and Educating Award, is an associate Professor and Assistant to the Dean of the School of Foregin Languages. 


In the future, the School of Foreign Languages will continue to unite all the faculty and staff to dedicate themselves to teaching and educating, and carrying on the spirit of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. In the new journey ahead, they will look up to those educators as examples, and vigorously promote their spirit, reinforce ideals and beliefs, cultivate education wisdom, and strive to be true totors for their students, that is, who can not only"impart knowledge" but also "nurture values", who can integrate academic research, working style and personal conduct, and who can carefully guide students on their journey.



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