SFL Holds the Opening Ceremony of 2023 Graduate Students and the Dean's First Lesson


On the afternoon of September 10, 2023 postgraduate and doctor freshmen of the School of Foreign Languages gathered to hold the opening ceremony of 2023 graduate students of the School of Foreign Languages and the dean's first class. Ding Jian, Party Secretary of the School of Foreign Languages; Chang Hui, Dean of the School of Foreign Languages; Tao Qing, deputy Dean of the School of Foreign Languages; Shang Biwu, deputy Dean of the School of Foreign Languages; Ren Zhujing, Deputy Party Secretary of the School of Foreign Languages; Zhen Fengchao, Dean of the English Department; Lin Zibo, deputy Dean of the Japanese Department; Fan Likun, Deputy Dean of the German Department; Liu Yan, director of Student Affairs Office; faculty representatives such as Pang Shuangzi, Shen You, Lin Yuzhen, Chen Jiayi, and all postgraduate students of Class 2023 attended the opening ceremony. The meeting was chaired by Shang Biwu. 

The ceremony opened with the solemn national anthem.


On behalf of all the teachers and students of the School of Foreign Languages, Ding Jian expressed warm welcome and expectations to the new members of the family, recalled the century-long history of bold exploration and hard struggle of the School of Foreign Languages, and encouraged the students to always bear in mind the original aspiration of serving the country by science and technology. In combination with the glorious mission of the young people in the new era, he urged the freshmen to embrace the truth, keep in mind their responsibilities, and contribute to the new journey of national rejuvenation with the spirit of "Carpe Diem" and "the green mountains are everywhere".


Zhen Fengchao, Dean of the English Department, spoke as teacher representatives. Starting with "Why to study for a master's degree", he encouraged the students to have passion in their hearts and grand visions in their eyes, and keep an ideal "moon" in the ubiquitous "six pence" everywhere, so that they could keep the balance of integration and persistence on the academic journey, and do a good job as a master of action.


The School of Foreign Languages invited Pang Shuangzi, Shen You and Lin Yuzhen as class teachers of 2023 graduate students. Chang Hui presented them with the letters of appointment.


Combining with his own growth and spiritual journey in postgraduate studies, Sun Qiyu, a senior representative and a 2021 PhD student, encouraged the students to draw on the wisdom of the masses, cultivate their feelings and temper their spirit in practice and dedication, and extend oneself and meet their true self in the process of "measuring the land of the motherland with the footsteps".


Ren Haoran, a 2023 postgraduate student of Master of Translation, and Shixue, a PhD student, spoke on behalf of the freshmen. Combining with her undergraduate study experience in the School of Foreign Languages, Ren Haoran expected students to take root in the forefront of the collision between China and the West, taste the charm of interdisciplinary studies, strengthen cultural self-confidence, overcome "difficulties and urgencies", and contribute to the grand blueprint of "The world listens to the Chinese culture". Starting from her original aspiration of studying a foreign language, Shi Xue, encouraged the students to "Since you've seen the mountain, you won't stop at the smooth road", hoping that the students will bear in mind their original aspiration and sweat, and in their academic journey strive to be Sisyphus, who will tirelessly push the rolling boulders up the mountain, and never let go of his passion and ambition.


The ceremony fell onto the Teachers' Day. At the end of the ceremony, the freshmen presented carnations representing love and respect to the teachers, wishing them a happy holiday and a successful career.


After the opening ceremony, Chang Hui gave a lecture on "Dean's First Lesson" for 2023 graduate students on the topic of "The Scientific Turn of Language Studies". He first reviewed the history of the School of Foreign Languages. It started from the Nanyang Academy of Translation and then developed into the Department of Foreign Languages of Science and Technology, and then evolved into the School of Foreign Languages boasting of renowned teachers and robust scientific research, achieving the historic milestone of winning A+ in the latest round of discipline evaluation. He attributed the growth of the School of Foreign Languages to the power of "responsibility" of generations of foreign language teachers and students, who answered the question of "what is a foreign language, how to learn it, and why to learn it" with the word "responsibility". With the example of integrated application of language in artificial intelligence and in life and health, he encouraged students to break the traditional shackles, focus on "bottleneck" problems, make good use of the academic treasure house of the School of Foreign Languages and the opportunities of cross-disciplines, gather around the banner of "bridging the ancient and modern, studying both Chinese and Western", and grow into young talents of the new era with lofty ideals, be truth-seeking and pragmatic, and can meet the challenges of national rejuvenation.


Wish the 2023 graduate freshmen a new world and a new era of achievements in their new journey in the School of Foreign Languages. The School of Foreign Languages will also bear in mind its mission, live up to its responsibilities, continue to support and improve the guidance of the freshmen, sound a new round of solemn clarion call of "educating people for the Party and the country".

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