The School of Foreign Languages Welcomes 2023 Undergraduate Freshmen


On the morning of August 24, 2023 students gathered together in Yang Yongman Building by the Siyuan Lake to hold the opening ceremony for 2023 undergraduate students.

Chang Hui, Dean of the School of Foreign Languages; Ding Jian, Party Secretary of the School of Foreign Languages; Tao Qing, deputy Dean of the School of Foreign Languages; Zhen Fengchao,  Dean of the English Department; Wu Baohua, Dean of the Japanese Department; Lin Zibo, deputy Dean of the Japanese Department; Xue Yuan, Dean of German Department; Fan Likun, Deputy Dean of the German Department; Liu Yan, director of Student Affairs Office; faculty representatives such as Tang Yili, Li Siqi, Ding Yao, Chen Jiayi, and all undergraduate students of Class 2023 attended the opening ceremony. The meeting was chaired by Ren Zhujing, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Foreign Languages. 



The ceremony opened with the solemn national anthem.

Ding Jian, on behalf of all the teachers and students of the School of Foreign Languages, extended a warm welcome to the students with the title of "Contemporary youth, birth at the right time". He hoped that students can always maintain the passion for pursuing truth and the courage to explore independently, give full play to their professional characteristics, master the excellent traditional Chinese culture, and make their due contributions to telling Chinese stories well, spreading the voice of China, and presenting to the world a credible, lovely and respectable image of China. He expected the students to live up to their youth, live up to The Times, with the pride of "beat the water in the middle stream, brave the waves suppressing the flying boat", with diligence and innovation, to achieve "All will pass. As for those romantic figures, you can find them in today’s history.”

As faculty representatives, Tang Yili, tenure-track associate professor of the English Department, spoke on the theme of "Telling good stories", encouraging the students to be firm and flexible storytellers and tell the uncertain stories of the university well. 

The School of Foreign Langugaes invited Shang Biwu, Lin Zibo, Ding Yao and Liu Yan as class teachers of 2023 undergraduate students. Chang Hui presented them with letters of appointment.

As student representative, Liang Ziyin, translation specialty of the English major from Class 2020, drew upon her own experience to extend welcome and provide guidance to the freshmen.

Chen Kuangshi, a 2023 Japanese undergraduate and Sun Zixia, a 2023 German undergraduate, spoke as freshmen representatives.

The School of Foreign Languages has prepared a multilingual commemorative edition of the Communist Manifesto for freshmen, aiming to deepen the concept of "learning in Shanghai Jiao Tong University" and encourage students to strive to be foreign language talents in the new era worthy of the important task of national rejuvenation. Tao Qing presented the books to the representatives of each class.

In the passionate chorus of the school song, the opening ceremony of 2023 undergraduate students of the School of Foreign Languages was successfully concluded.


At the beginning of August, the School of Foreign Languages fully launched the orientation work, and concentrated efforts to escort the enrollment, ensuring the integration of freshmen into the campus.

On the afternoon of August 14, the School of Foreign Languages held a meeting with the core group of 2023 undergraduate students in Conference Room 316 of Yang Yongman Building to carry forward the energy of the core group of freshmen, laying a solid foundation for the follow-up orientation work and the construction of classes and groups.

On the morning of August 22, the 2023 undergraduate freshmen arrived at the Campus of Shanghai Jiao Tong University for new students registration, full of hope and longing to open a new chapter in their lives.  Volunteers helped guide the way to the dormitory, carry luggage, and answer questions, providing thoughtful and considerate assistance. The leaders of the School of Foreign Languages, ideological and political teachers, class teachers and counselors visited freshmen dormitories and had cordial conversations with students.

On the afternoon of August 22, each class held a class meeting in the SFL conference room. Class directors organized class ice-breaking activities, elected temporary class committee, and provided detailed answers on the recent orientation arrangements.

On August 23, all 2023 freshmen participated in the opening ceremony and freshman enrollment education of Shanghai Jiao Tong University at Fok Yingdong Sports Center and listened to the first lesson of freshman enrollment.


On the afternoon of August 24, each department held a meeting with teachers and students. Each department provided a detailed interpretation of the teaching characteristics, training objectives, and curriculum settings.
The School of Foreign Languages will continue to carry out all-round and diversified freshman education to help new students quickly change roles and write their own stories. With responsibility, youth will shine. It was hoped that with ambition and forging-ahead attitude, 2023 undergraduate freshmen will establish lofty goals and realize their life value in the days of studying in the School of Foreign Languages.

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