Frontiers of Narrative Studies makes A new breakthrough in the global ranking


On June 28, 2023, Clarivate released its 2022 Journal Citation Reports™ (JCR™). Frontiers of Narrative Studies, an international academic journal sponsored by the Interdisciplinary Narrative Studies Center of the School of Foreign Languages of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, has achieved remarkable results, ranking 2nd globally among 53 ESCI-listed literary theory and criticism journals, and 7th among 204 ESCI-listed literary journals worldwide.

Frontiers of Narrative Studies 2022 JCI (the average disciplinary-normalized citation impact of all research papers and reviews published by the journals in the last three years) is 2.91, a 55%  year-over-year increase from 2021.

Among the 53 ESCI-listed literary theory and criticism journals worldwide, Frontiers of Narrative Studies is ranked in Q1 category, jumping from 9th in 2021 to 2nd globally. Among the 204 ESCI-listed literary journals worldwide, Frontiers of Narrative Studies is in the Q1 category, jumping from 21st in 2021 to 7th globally.


Periodical introduction

Frontiers of Narrative Studies (ISSN 2509-4882 ∙ E-ISSN 2509-4890) , founded in 2014, is published twice a year. The journal was formerly a bilingual collection published by the Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press. Since 2017, the journal has cooperated with De Gruyter, an internationally renowned publishing house, to transform into an international academic journal with global distribution. Professor Shang Biwu from the School of Foreign Languages of Shanghai Jiao Tong University is the chief editor of the journal. The editorial board of the journal includes 3 Chinese editorial board members and 15 international editorial board members, with 84% of the international editorial board members coming from famous universities in Europe and America. The journal is actively engaged in international academic exchanges and has supported and co-organized a number of high-level international academic research activities. Since its inception, the journal has co-sponsored the Shanghai Jiao Tong University Summer Seminar on Narratology for 7 consecutive years, cooperating with such universities as the University of Pennsylvania, Ohio State University, the University of Maryland, the International Narratology Studies Association and the European Narratology Studies Association. Internationally renowned scholars on narratology, such as James Phelan, Gerald Prince, Brian Richardson, Marco Caracciolo, etc. attended the events and were invited to serve as guest editors for the journal's special issues, which had effectively expanded the academic influence of the journal at home and abroad and even the foreign language and literature discipline of Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Frontiers of Narrative Studies mainly publishes original articles on narrative studies, and leads the development of narrative studies by editing and publishing related thematic studies. Among the more influential topics are "Narrative and Narcissism" and "Experimental Literature and Narrative Theory." These research topics have triggered professional and in-depth discussions around the world and have gained a high degree of international recognition. In 2019, the journal was included in the Web of Science's Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI) database.

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