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College English Division

The College English Division of SJTU is responsible for college English teaching of undergraduates. It is currently staffed by 47 members, including 4 professors, 21 associate professors, 22 lecturers, 2 doctoral supervisors and 8 master supervisors. 21 of them hold Ph.D. degrees. This division focuses on the research in the fields of second language acquisition, foreign language teaching, language testing, corpus, etc., and advocates “effective learning”, delivering results in talent cultivation, textbook compiling, research developing and curriculum construction. Its teaching methods and models have long been in the leading position in college English teaching. In recent years, the division has vigorously promoted “effective learning and teaching” and perfected “Shanghai Jiao Tong University English Test”. Besides, it also developed a series of college English textbooks and created the “Shanghai Jiao Tong University college English Curriculum Resources”. Advanced educational information technology is introduced and a set of replicable college English teaching models and systems are formed.


The elementary teaching department of College English Division is responsible for the English teaching of first-year non-English major undergraduates. To meet students’ individual demands, after taking the English placement test, first-year students would be divided into three classes: education reform class, advanced class and elementary class. The aim of the elementary class is to improve students’ English skills, reading ability, logical thinking and critical thinking through reading and analyzing tasks. The education reform class and advanced class aims to instruct students in public speaking and English writing and improve their productive language skills and English ability for general and academic purposes.


The secondary department of College English Division is responsible for the English teaching of second-year non-English-major undergraduates. A wide range of English courses are provided to improve students’ English ability and intercultural communication skills. 13 courses are now offered by the department: “Practice and Appreciation of English Public Speaking”, “Practical English Writing”, “English-Chinese Translation”, “Selected Reading of English Newspapers”, “American Culture”, “Ancient Greek Classics”, “Appreciation of English Poetry”, “Chinese-Western Culture Comparison”, “Selected Reading of English Proses”, “Academic English Writing”, “Academic English Listening and Speaking”, “Medical English” and “Business English”.

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