2017 and 2018 Linguistics Track Course Outline

BS469-Graduation Thesis Project (English).pdf

EN369-Systemic functional linguistics.pdf

EN052-English Academic Writing.pdf

EN370-British and American Drama.pdf

EN114-Japanese (1).pdf

EN371-Video Translation.pdf

EN115-Japanese (2).pdf

EN372-Hearing Science.pdf

EN116-German (1).pdf

EN373-Forensic Linguistics.pdf

EN117-German (2).pdf

EN374-Sight Interpreting.pdf

EN118-French foundation (as second foreign language) I.pdf

EN387-Introduction to Formal Syntax.pdf

EN119-French foundation (as second foreign language) II.pdf

EN388-Phonetics and Phonology.pdf

EN127-Intercultural Communication.pdf

EN389-Research Methods in Linguistics (1).pdf

EN133-Viewing, Listening and Speaking (I).pdf


EN134-English Reading and Writing (1).pdf

EN391-Introduction to Semantics.pdf

EN136-English Reading and Writing (2).pdf

EN393-Introduction to Pragmatics.pdf

EN244-Introduction to English Linguistics (I).pdf

EN394-Language Acquisition.pdf

EN246-Introduction to English Literature (I).pdf

EN395-Research Methods in Linguistics (2).pdf

EN247-Introduction to English Literature (II).pdf

EN396-Speech-Language Pathology.pdf

EN260-Viewing, Listening and Speaking (III).pdf

EN415-Introduction to English Linguistics I.pdf

EN261-English Reading and Writing(3).pdf

EN438-Language and cognition.pdf

EN262-Foundations of Translation.pdf

EN444-Discourse Analysis.pdf

EN263-Viewing, Listening and Speaking (IV).pdf

EN445-Critical Approaches to English Literature.pdf

EN264-English Reading and Writing(4).pdf

EN446-A Course of Legal Translation.pdf

EN265-Foundation of Western Civilization.pdf

EN447-Chinese-English Translation of Official Documents for Media and Press.pdf

EN266-Reading and Appreciation of English Short Stories.pdf

EN453-Introduction to Corpus linguistics.pdf

EN267-Selective Readings in Archaic Chinese.pdf

EN454-Language Testing.pdf

EN268-Chinese Reading and Writing.pdf

EN455-Linguistics Research Projects.pdf

EN269-Language and Society.pdf

FR217-French foundation (as second foreign language) III.pdf

EN270-Translation History.pdf

FR218-French foundation (as second foreign language) IV.pdf

EN322-Famous English Poems.pdf

GE217-German (3).pdf

EN331-Selective Readings in Western Philosophy.pdf

GE218-German (4).pdf

EN332-Professional Internship (English).pdf

JA223-Japanese (3).pdf

EN339-Selective Readings in Chinese Philosophy.pdf

JA224-Japanese (4).pdf

EN350-Contemporary English Fiction.pdf



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