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Published:2018-12-21  Author:Yang Dongdong

In this new era, governments, educators, technology entrepreneurs and linguists are facing new and urgent problems. How can we use big data, cloud computing, AI and other technologies to do a better job in language teaching and research? How can we cultivate first-class talents when building a world-class university? How can we deal with language science and technology transformation?
In line with these questions, the School of Foreign Languages is welcoming experts in politics, industry, education and researchers to a discussion forum on a variety of topics, including the reform of language education, talent cultivation in the AI era, innovative models for the cooperation between universities and enterprises, machine translation, language teaching, language intelligence and related laws and regulations.
This forum will be held on January 5th (afternoon) and on January 6th 2019, in School of Foreign Languages of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (Minhang campus) and will focus on two main concepts: reform and cooperation, aiming to create a platform for industry linked cooperation. 
Experts and entrepreneurs interested in language intelligence are all welcome to join this forum.

1. Speakers and Topics




Speech Topic


Zhou Xiaolin

Director, Center for Brain Science and Cognitive Science, School of Psychology and Cognitive Science, Peking University

An alternative structure rescues failed semantics? Strong global expectancy reduces local-mismatch N400 in Chinese flexible structures


Yang Yiming

Dean, School of Language Science and Art, Jiangsu Normal University

To be confirmed


Li Chunbo

Vice President, Shanghai Mental Health Center

To be confirmed


Gu Yueguo

Director, Applied Linguistics Research Office, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Three “Welt” and human-machine modeling


Wei Naixing

Dean, School of Foreign Languages, Beihang University

To be confirmed


Li Aijun

Director, the Speech Research Office, Institute of Languages, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

To be confirmed


Yang Yufang

Former Director, the Institute of Psychology

To be confirmed


 Feng Zhiwei

High-end Distinguished Professor, Hangzhou Normal University

Machine translation and artificial intelligence


Chen Yunwen

CEO, Data Grand



Lin Hui

Chief scientist, LAIX

Helping people learn with machine learning: Theory and practice


Guan Jingjing

Director of China Innovation Center, Sonova (Sonova Group, Switzerland)

Sonova’s hearing solutions: from ear to brain


Xia Hairong

Chief Scientist, Hujiang

Language learning + Intelligent technology: Exploration and practice of Hujiang


Luo Jun

Deputy General Manager of SPSP Venture Capital



Zhao Hai

Professor, School of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering, SJTU

Machine translation and speech recognition from the perspective of language processing


Xu Xu

Professor, SFL, SJTU



Yang Xiaohu

Associate professor, SFL, SJTU

Effects of aging on speech perception and its neural mechanisms


Wu Mengyue

Assistant Researcher, AI Speech Intelligent Voice Lab, SJTU

Auditory perception in intelligent speech technology



Jiang Xiaoming

Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, Tongji University

Cognitive neural mechanism of speaker's knowing and unknowing sense


2. Conference Information
Date and Time: January 5th 2019, 13:00-17:00; January 6th 2019, 08:30-17:00
Venue: SFL, SJTU (Yang Yongman building)
Opening Speech: Hu Kaibao, Dean of SFL, SJTU
Host: Professor Ding Hongwei, SFL, SJTU

3. Fee: 1200 RMB (600 RMB for students)
4. Address: 204, School of Foreign Languages (Yang Yongman building), SJTU, No.800 Dongchuan Road, Minhang District, Shanghai, China.
5. Contact
Zhang Hui (PhD) 
Tel: 86-021-34205643  Email:

6. Payment process
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You will then be redirected to the following interface. Enter the registration fee: 1200 RMB (600 RMB for students). 

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