International Conference on
Appliable Linguistics and Academic Discourse 2014
PPT Presentations


J R Martin: download
1.Systemic Functional Linguistic foundations
2. SFL: revisiting field
3. SFL: revisiting mode

Karl Maton: download
1. Legitimation Code Theory foundations
2. LCT: Specialisation
3. LCT: Semantic density
4. LCT: Semantic gravity
5. LCT cosmology: epistemological/axiological

Zhu Yongsheng: download
1. A Brief Introduction to Legitimation Code Theory

David Rose: download
1. Knowledge genres and curriculum genres
2. Reading to Learn and academic discourse
3. Regulative 'gaze'/instructional 'gaze' & pedagogy

Sue Hood: download
1. Academic discourse: disciplinary differences
2. Story genres in academic discourse
3. Paralanguage in lecturing
4. Appraisal in academic discourse

Yaegan Doran: download
1. Mathematics genres
2. Mathematics grammar

Teresa Oteiza: download
1. History textbooks and memories: appraisal from an intermodal perspective
2. Events and time in the discourse of history: appraisal sub-systems of APPRECIATION and GRADUATION revisited

The Performance: download
Reading Mandela: genre pedagogy vs ancient rhetoric