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Feng Dezheng from HKPU Visits

Martin Centre for Appliable Linguistics

On the evening of May 27th, Dr. Feng Dezheng, the Assistant Professor from the Department of English of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University visited Martin Centre for Applicable Linguistics (“Martin Centre”in short) upon invitation. In front of members of the centre and students and teachers from 5 universities across China, Dr. Feng delivered an academic report titled “Theoretical Complementation in Multi-modal Discourse Analysis: the Theory of Metaphtonymy and Visual Grammar”.


Dr. Feng analyzed multi-modal discourse by integrating the theory of metaphor and metonymy in cognitive linguistics with visual grammar in systemic function linguistics. The report contained three parts: first, he explained the angle problem in visual images that cannot be explained by visual grammar, saying that the meaning of visual space comes from the refection of human experience on the metaphor; second, he dealt with the metonymy of visual representation by analyzing parts of and whole relationship between static and dynamic images. Dr. Feng believed that visual symbols carry metonymy, which means the whole is represented by part of it, and that the chosen part in visual representation reflects the interest and standpoint of the one who created the symbol. Based on all that, Dr. Feng came up with a systemic model of network relations that has “incomplete schematic representation”; third, according to the attitude subsystem of Martin’s evaluation system as well as the characteristics of multi-modal discourses, Dr. Feng found that visual representation like emotions is also metonymy, because the inner world is represented by external reactions and behaviors, which means the consequence represents the cause.

Finally, Dr. Feng believed that studies should be based on well-developed theories and that they should be supported by and applied to the society.

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