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SFL Holds the Unveiling Ceremony of the Centre for Cross-Linguistic Processing and Language Cognition and the 3rd Work Meeting of the Centre

On the afternoon of June 3rd, 2016, in the Meeting Room 214 the School of Foreign Languages(SFL) held the unveiling ceremony of the Centre for Cross-Linguistic Processing and Language Cognition (the Centre). Prof. Jiang Hong from the Research Institute of Social Recognition and Behavioral Sciences, Director Ling Hongfa from the Division for Development of Liberal Arts, Prof. Hu Kaibao as the dean of SFL, Prof. Liu Chang from the University of Texas at Austin and other team members from the Centre all attended the meeting, which was hosted by Prof. Chang Hui, the Associate Dean of SFL.

Prof. Hu Kaibao announced the establishment of the Centre and made an opening speech. During his speech, it was mentioned that the purpose of establishing such a centre is to integrate relevant SFL research teams of linguistics and to improve the cooperation between SFL and other schools such as the School of Electronic, Information and Electrical Engineering, KoGuan Law School, the School of Medicine and the School of International and Public Affairs. The Centre will also contribute to SFL’s cooperation and joint research with world-renowned universities, Chinese government and firms so as to keep pace with the world in tackling hot issues and to meet the demand of the society. Research will be properly combined with production. Based on “Corpus +”, the Centre aims to integrate all resources, identify the direction for development and then become a key discipline.

Prof. Hu Kaibao was designated as the director, Prof. Ding Hongwei as the deputy director and Dr. Wang Yuxia as the secretary. The Centre consists of six parts that all relate to applied linguistics—Center for Translation and Intercultural Studies, Martin Centre for Appliable Linguistics, Center for Speech-Language-Hearing research, Center for Corpus Linguistics, Center for Second Language Acquisition and Center for Language Testing, directed respectively by Prof. Zhu Yifan, Prof. Wang Zhenhua, Prof. Yang Xiaohu, Prof. Zhen Fengchao, Prof. Chang Hui and Prof. Jin Yan.

Jiang Hong congratulated the establishment of the Centre and expressed his expectations toward it.

Ling Hongfa, on behalf of the Division for Development of Liberal Arts, gave a positive comment on SFL’s recent achievements, showed his support to the newly established centre and offered some specific advice on its development.

Hu Kaibao and Jiang Hong unveiled the nameplate together.

Prof. Ding Hongwei briefly introduced the basic information of the Centre, including its current structure and research updates. Afterwards, participants of this meeting actively discussed its future development. Finally, the meeting ended with concluding remarks by Hu Kaibao, in which he also made specific instructions on all members’ work in the Centre.

During the meeting, experts from various fields discussed how language sciences can be associated with national strategies, the economic and social development and people’s life. Prof. Jin Yan shared information concerning the development and application of artificial intelligence in computational linguistics; Prof. Ding Hongwei elaborated the scientific and cross-disciplinary nature of language disciplines with the example of text-to-speech technology; Prof. Hu Kaibao explained the application and prospects of “Corpus +” in translation studies, justice studies, language teaching and in dealing with language disorder of children and old people.

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