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Postgraduate Program of Comparative Literature and Cross-Cultural Studies


  1. General Goals

This program is designed to cater for those interested in comparative literature and cross-cultural studies. Students will be taught vital knowledge in world literatures and literary theories as well as receiving training in the aims and methods of research. They are encouraged to make connections and comparisons among different literary works and approach literature through a range of genres and forms. Students will be equipped with skills well-suited for a wide range of jobs. With these practical, transferrable skills acquired during the course of study, graduates from the program will be well-prepared to assume important roles and responsibilities in a wide range of professional settings that include education, publishing, journalism, public relations, advertising, commerce, politics, management, marketing etc.


  1. Length of Schooling

This program admits full-time students to be studying on campus for two and a half years. Students can apply for extension of their study on just grounds for no more than one year. The application is subject to approval by the school of foreign languages.


  1. Degree

MA candidates, upon completing 28-credit courses, among which 20 credits are for compulsory courses, and fulfilling dissertation requirements, will be awarded a Master’s Degree in Comparative Literature and Cross-Cultural Studies.


  1. Research Fields

Comparison between Chinese and western literatures; Cross-cultural communication; Relation between Chinese and western cultures


  1. Management
  • Credit: All MA candidates must earn a minimum of 28 credits to fulfill course requirements.
  • Supervisors: Each student will be assigned to work with a personal supervisor team comprising a lead tutor and a co-tutor.
  • Internship: No less than half a year of internship is required of all MA candidates within the two and a half year of study.
  • Dissertation: Dissertation requirements include thesis proposal, interim report, and oral defense.


  1. Dissertation and Degree

All candidates for Masters of Comparative Literature and Cross-Cultural Studies are required to complete a dissertation on a given topic. To begin with, candidates should submit a thesis proposal describing the general ideas and research methodology for examination and approval. After the candidate submits his/her dissertation (no less than 20, 000 words), he/she will attend an oral defense at which the content of the dissertation will be examined by an expert team consisting of 3 to 5 scholars in the field.

Upon successful fulfillment of all course and dissertation requirements, the candidate will be awarded a Master of Arts Degree in Comparative Literature and Cross-Cultural Studies.

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