Center for European Classics and Medieval Literature Studies Established at SFL, SJTU

Published:2019-06-19  Author: Yang Mingming

The Forum on Foreign Literature Research under New Liberal Arts Concept, which was jointly organized by School of Foreign Languages(SFL)of Shanghai Jiao Tong University(SJTU), Center for European Classics and Medieval Literature Studies of SJTU and the editorial department of Contemporary Foreign Language Studies, was held at SJTU Academic Activity Center from June 8th to 9th, 2019.


Prof. Zhou Cheng, Deputy Secretary of the CPC SJTU Committee, talked at the forum. More than 50 experts from over 30 universities and research institutions in China attended the forum, including Prof. Liu Zhongshu from Jilin University, Prof. Zheng Kelu from Shanghai Normal University, Prof. Liu Yiqing from Peking University, Researcher Chen Zhongyi and Cheng Wei from the Institute of Foreign Literature of CASS, Prof. Jiang Chengyong from Zhejiang Gongshang University, Prof. Fu Xiuyan from Jiangxi Normal University, Prof. Jin Li and Prof. Wang Kefei from Beijing Foreign Studies University, Prof. Xu Jun, Prof. Nie Zhenzhao and Prof. Wu Di from Zhejiang University, Prof. Wang Ning from School of Humanities of SJTU, Prof. Chen Jianhua from East China Normal University, Prof. Wang Shouren and Prof. Yang Jincai from Nanjing University, Prof. Yin Qiping from Hangzhou Normal University, Prof. Wang Lixin from Nankai University, Prof. Dong Hongchuan from Sichuan International Studies University, Prof. Li Weiping, Cha Mingjian, Zheng Tiwu and Song Binghui from Shanghai International Studies University, Prof. Sun Jian from Fudan University, Prof. Su Hui from Central China Normal University, Prof. Wu Yun from Tongji University, Wang Chunyu, Director of the Department of Social Sciences of Northeast Normal University, Prof. Peng Qinglong, Prof. Yang Feng and Prof. Shang Biwu from SFL of SJTU and other scholars such as Zhu Zhenwu, Chen Hong, Zhou Min, and Zhang Conghao. The launching ceremony of the Center was moderated by Hu Kaibao, Dean of SFL, SJTU.


In his welcome speech, Zhou Cheng pointed out that facing the new tides in the internet era represented by intelligent technology, it should be our major task to explore ways to protect the precious cultural heritage of humanity and carry forward its wisdom. He hoped the Center for European Classics and Medieval Literature Studies could contribute to the “Double First-class Construction” of foreign language disciplines in SJTU by serving national strategic needs and stressing major theoretical and practical issues. As he pointed out, the profound social changes and innovation experienced by today’s China provide strong driving forces and broad space for academic prosperity. In the new era where innovation leads development, science and humanities must go hand in hand. He expected the forum to be a place for open discussions, where experts actively share their views and wisdom concerning the interdisciplinary studies of foreign language disciplines.

Ding Jian, Secretary of the CPC Committee of SFL, SJTU, gave a welcome address to experts and scholars coming all the way here. He expressed his sincere gratitude to the experts for their continued support for SFL and expressed warm congratulations on the establishment of the Center. Dean Hu Kaibao read the “Approval of the Establishment of SJTU Center for European Classics and Medieval Literature Studies” and appointed Distinguished Professor Liu Jianjun as the director of the center, and Professor Yang Mingming as deputy director. Liu Jianjun said in his speech that the center would strive to contribute to first-class foreign language discipline building in China with its dedication to European classics and medieval literature studies.



 Zhou Cheng and Chen Zhongyi jointly inaugurated the Center for European Classics and Medieval Literature Studies at Shanghai Jiao Tong University.


The inauguration ceremony was followed by the Forum on Foreign Literature Research under New Liberal Arts Concept. In the three sessions chaired respectively by Peng Qinglong, Yang Feng and Shang Biwu, participants had in-depth discussions on the topics of “Strategic Thinking of Current Foreign Literature Studies”, “Theoretical and Methodological Innovation of Current Foreign Literature Studies” and “Importance of European Classics and Medieval Literature Studies”.

The closing ceremony of the forum was presided over by Associate Dean Chang Hui. Hu Kaibao concluded the meeting, pointing out that as a milestone in SFL’s development, the SJTU Center for European Classics and Medieval Literature Studies would become the new “brand name” and growth point of SJTU foreign language disciplines. He also emphasized the importance of European classics and medieval literature studies and expressed his gratitude to the experts for their constructive suggestions on foreign literature discipline development.


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