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Brief Introduction to SFL   


Foreign language education at SJTU is as old as the university. English Language was one of the first programs offered when the university was founded as Nan Yang College back in 1896, with a translation center added two years later. The Foreign Languages Department began to offer its BA program in English for Science & Technology in 1979 and launched an MA program in Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics in 1986 and a Ph.D. program in the same area in 1993. 

With the expanding role it plays in SJTU’s important goal of instilling in students an understanding of and appreciation for other cultures in the global society as the world continually grows smaller, flatter and more interdependent, the Department was renamed School of Foreign Languages (SFL) in 1997. Since then a number of new programs, including a BA program in Japanese, an MA program in English Language and Literature, an MA program in Japanese Language and Literature, a Post-doctoral program in Foreign Languages and Literature, a BA program in German, an MA program in Translation and Interpreting, and an MA program in comparative literature and cross-cultural studies, have joined the ranks.

SFL boasts a contingent of high caliber faculty working in English, Japanese, German, French departments and College English Divisions. Its brilliant and talented faculty members are actively engaged in a wide array of research fields including theoretical and applied linguistics, second language acquisition, English and American literature, Australian literature, translation studies, to name but a few. Their works appear in distinguished international journals as well as in books published by leading academic presses.

The dedicated faculty seeks to achieve the highest standards of teaching and learning in humanities and social sciences with emphasis on critical and creative thinking, to serve the needs of the society by enhancing its intellectual life and contributing to the development of the nation. Of its 80 plus professors and associate professors, 15 are advisors for Ph.D. candidates and 50 odd are advisors for MA candidates known for their innovative teaching and award-winning research.

The School comprises a number of educational, research and professional training units which include Natural Language Processing Institute, the International Testing Center, Language Laboratories Center, Journal of Contemporary Foreign Languages Studies, Canadian Studies Center, Center for Translation and Intercultural Studies, Research Institute of Foreign Literature, MTI Center, and the Administration Office for the National College English Testing Committee.

Apart from offering programs to English, Japanese, and German majors and minors, SFL is also responsible for designing and delivering a broad and diverse range of foreign language related courses to all undergraduate and graduate students at SJTU.

Following SJTU’s fine tradition of intellectual excellence and critical enquiry, SFL is committed to providing a learning and teaching experience of the highest quality for its students, who are taught and guided by inspiring academics, making its graduates highly sought after by employers in various sectors. 


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